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Saint Sophia - Hagia Sophia is now a mosque

With the decision of current President of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on 2020 status of St. Sophia has changed from a museum to a mosque. This decision was made during the struggling time of worlds tourism and we have not sensed yet the effects of this change . However after a certain development in medicine Pandemic restriction have lifted and Turkey again reaches to its glorious times of tourism. 

Ayasofya - St.Sophia used to receive 10.000 visitor per day but after the change its now around 16.000 visitors because the local tourists who would also like to pray inside this amazing building increased the numbers. This massive increase in the numbers did really effected many private guided tours as well as other types of guided tours in the city. Firstly the entrance fees of private tours and guided Istanbul tours have lifted when the building became a mosque . This change helped many travel companies do some savings from the cost of their private guided Istanbul tours and also the duration of a guided Istanbul tour. Many local tour companies out of Istanbul have organized tours only for Ayasofya Mosque so that thousands of local visitors were able to visit the building as a part of their Istanbul Guided Private tour.

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